Lift-A-Loft program courses qualify individuals to meet the requirements set forth by the applicable ANSI standards by a particular model of aerial lift. These applicable ANSI standards change periodically and require recertification for individuals to maintain currency when additional safety measures are implemented into the regulations. Trainees completing each of the offered courses - classroom topics and hands-on procedures - will have a better understanding of the rules and regulation surrounding the proper Maintenance, Operations or Inspections required by ANSI for those particular standards. Upon understanding and certification, individuals will receive a document of attendance provided by the Factory Trainer, also required by ANSI. Training can be performed on site or at training facilities at our factory.

Available Training Types:

  1. Maintenance Service and Troubleshooting Training
    1. Individuals attending these courses must have a basic understanding of Hydraulic and Electrical skills needed for troubleshooting these systems. These courses are exclusive to each of the specific aerial lift models manufactured by Lift-A-Loft. Materials included within the training classes are Electrical and Hydraulic Identification Symbols, applicable drawings, diagrams and Maintenance Procedures in a single manual.
  2. Operator Training
    1. Individuals attending these Lift-A-Loft model-specific courses must maintain a mind- set of safety and a basic knowledge of the responsibilities and repercussions of aerial work platform operations. Trainees will receive a systematic pre-use inspection and operational instruction, including hands-on operation, before becoming a certified operator. A certificate of attendance is issued to each trainee upon completion of the course.
  3. Annual Inspection Training
    1. Individuals attending this Lift-A-Loft model-specific course must be certified in the Operations and Maintenance Service and Troubleshooting courses to qualify for this certificate. This training is conducted in two parts over two years. First year consists of classroom instruction and a hands-on annual Inspection on a particular Lift-A-Loft aerial lift model. In the second segment (second year), the Trainee will perform the Annual Servicing, Annual Inspection and complete the necessary forms prior to Factory Inspector arrival. The Factory Instructor will evaluate the competency and make any correction to the Trainees Annual Inspection and Maintenance practices, if needed. The Factory Inspector will then recertify the unit for in-service use. Once all the criteria are met the Trainee will receive Factory Certification for that particular aerial work platform model.
    2. This certificate allows them to perform Annual Inspections on each aerial lift for which they have received training.
  4. Train the Trainer Certification
    1. Trainers will be supplied certificates and materials that qualify these individuals to meet the ever-changing standards within a particular ANSI Standard per revision year.