LIFT-A-LOFT has qualified inspectors available to perform inspections on site or at our facility. Our professional technicians, with over 45 years of combined experience, will ensure your aerial lifts are safe for your employees, protecting you and your company. The ANSI Certified Annual Inspection is an in-depth inspection to closely monitor safety, performance, appearance, compliance, and durability in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Lift-A-Loft Factory Certified Annual Inspections include assistance to owners and users regarding maintenance, repairs, inspections, operations, and intended uses of aerial work platforms. Additional inspection requirements include, servicing, operation and service manual availability, record retention, unauthorized modifications, and safety bulletin compliance requirements.

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has standards for owning and operating aerial lifts. They can be found in ANSI A92.3-2006 (Manually Propelled Elevating Aerial Platforms) and A92.6-2006 (Self-Propelled Elevating Work Platforms). To find out more about ANSI Certified Annual Inspections for your aerial lift visit

Our aerial lifts are built tough and versatile providing the best possible environment for worker safety, efficiency, and reliability. Lift-A-Loft delivers when it comes to safely working at height. We are well-known for designing and manufacturing custom aerial lift equipment for special applications. Drawing from over 60 years of experience and thousands of previously built custom aerial lifts, we help customers find the solution they need for any given application. Through the years, we have built a reputation for going the extra mile in order to meet the ever-changing aerial lift needs of our customers.