Lift-A-Loft Factory Rebuild Program

Why Rebuild?

  • It's cost-effective. It extends the service life of your aerial lift, aerial lift work truck or other lift product, and saves you money over purchasing a new unit.
  • It's environmentally friendly. Reconditioning keeps existing equipment in service, providing a 'green’ alternative to scrapping your old lift and purchasing new.

Lift-A-Loft offers a comprehensive rebuild program for your aerial lift. Once your Lift-A-Loft Industrial Aerial Work Platform arrives at our Muncie facility it undergoes a Pre-Inspection to evaluate and identify the major components condition.

  • Gear Reducer
  • Drive Mountings
  • Base
  • Mast Sections
  • Trunnions

Your aerial lift will be completely disassembled and cleaned with solvent and all major weldment structures are sandblasted. The major components replaced are:

  • Platform and Electrical Enclosures
  • All Lift Chains
  • Slack Chain Switches Safety System
  • Wheels
  • EV100 SCR

Next, your aerial lift is reassembled, load tested to platform rated capacity, and prepared for painting. After being painted, your aerial lift undergoes final inspection and is tested before being released for shipment. Your rebuilt Lift-A-Loft Industrial aerial lift is returned to near original purchased condition receiving all engineering design improvements and updates to meet current specifications where possible. Your rebuild aerial lift will be returned to you with a one (1) year warranty on all major components and weldment structures and a 90 day limited warranty on minor components; brushes, contact tips, coils, switches, etc.