MSP-APX 11 SPL | Mobile Workshop | Custom Aerial Lifts

The MSP-APX11 SPL was designed as a mobile elevating work shop. The unit is specifically used to service refrigerated containers at large shipping ports. This unit is enclosed on all but one side. It is self-propelled and offers a very good duty cycle. This type of equipment can interface with refrigerated containers so that maintenance workers can perform regular scheduled maintenance and major repairs. These elevating work compartments are equipped with a wide variety of tools to help with the day to day activities this customer has to contend with.

Model MSP-APX 11 SPL
Maximum platform height 11'
Minimum platform height 36"
91 cm
Capacity 1,500 lbs.
680 kg.
Unit weight 7,600 lbs.
3447 kg.
Overall shut height 11'4"
Platform size 80" x 96"
203 cm x 243 cm
Overall length 8'9"
Overall width 7'
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  • Drivable at Full Elevation
  • Fully Proportional Controls
  • Mobile Elevating Work Shop
  • 48 Volt Power System
  • Tinted Windows
  • Access Flaps for Shipping Containers