UBD 5.5 Universal Boarding Device

UBD  5.5 Universal Boarding Device | Custom Solutions | Airline Ground Support Equipment (GSE)

This push up unit combines a passenger air stair with a disabled passenger lift. The lift portion can elevate a passenger in a full sized wheel chair with an attendant to the door sill height of the aircraft.

Model UBD 5.5 Universal Boarding Device
Maximum platform height 5' 6"
Minimum platform height 0"
0 cm
Capacity 600 lbs.
272 kg.
Unit weight 2,400 lbs.
1088 kg.
Overall shut height 9'4"
Platform size 39" x 49"
99 cm x 124 cm
Overall length 11'2"
Overall width 8'5"

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  • 110 Volt Power Pack
  • Manually Positioned
  • Stairs for Able Bodied Passengers
  • Independent Wheel Chair Lift
  • Extendable Guardrails
  • Fold Down Access Flap