The MWS16 was designed to help support the Hercules C130 aircraft. The unit can be used for general maintenance but it is also capable of removing and installing fuel pods as well as engine turbines. Special fixtures must be attached to the platform to perform these tasks. The MWS16 is electrically powered and contains no hydraulics.

Model MWS16
Maximum platform height 14' 5"
Minimum platform height 58"
147 cm
Capacity 2,250 lbs.
1020 kg.
Unit weight 12,760 lbs.
5787 kg.
Overall shut height 8'5"
Platform size 96" x 120"
243 cm x 304 cm
Overall length 14'10"
Overall width 10'3"


  • On-Board Charger
  • Utilized for Multiple applications on the C130 Transport Plane
  • Electric Screw Jacks used for Lift system
  • 36 Volt Electric System
  • Self-Propelled Electric Drive
  • Retractable Ladder For Access at Full Elevation


  • Fuel Pod Manipulator