Guardrail Bumper Packages - Bumpers are UV protected, non-marking and made from self-skinning polyurethane foam. The foam is abrasion resistant and locks out moisture. Material is available for a variety of guardrail shapes and sizes. Let us know the model of your lift or the size of your rails and we will put a package together just for you.

  • Guardrail bumpers help prevent inadvertent damage to expensive products or equipment when working in tight areas!
  • Guardrail bumpers help protect the lift from damage!
  • Guardrail bumpers help protect the operator from injuring fingers or hands in the event of an accidental pinch point between the guardrail and an object!


Custom Lift Covers - Does your lift sit outside in the weather or get splashed with rain and snow during transportation? Let us know the model of your lift or the over-all dimensions and we will create a tarp to fit your unit. Tarps are heavy duty and waterproof. They are custom made for easy installation and removal.

  • Covers are heavy duty but easy to install with Velcro attachments!
  • Covers will protect your investment and keep your unit looking good!
  • Covers will reduce water intrusion and reduce repairs and down time!

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