About Lift-A-Loft

In the 1940's Lift-A-Loft began manufacturing outdoor truck mounted vertical lifts to service streetlights. When the first Lift-A-Loft LAL model was manufactured in October of 1952, the concept of re-lamping and light maintenance was soon adapted to industrial applications. This aerial work platform revolutionized overhead in-plant maintenance.

As new aerial lift needs developed throughout the marketplace Lift-A- Loft began to broaden its focus. We now manufacture aerial lifts and other support equipment for a wide variety of industries and applications. Our aerial lifts are built tough and versatile providing the best possible environment for worker safety, efficiency, and reliability. Lift-A-Loft delivers when it comes to safely working at height.

Lift-A-Loft has become well-known for designing and manufacturing custom aerial lift equipment for special applications. Drawing from over 60 years of experience and thousands of previously built custom aerial lifts, we help customers find the solution they need for any given application. Through the years, we have built a reputation for going the extra mile in order to meet the ever-changing aerial lift needs of our customers.

So why choose a Lift-A-Loft product? When you purchase an aerial lift or other lift product from us, you can rest assured we will provide your company with a safe, reliable piece of American-made equipment. Our products are extremely versatile and very stable at any elevation. This allows workers to position closer to the job and feel more comfortable while working at elevation, thus adding to productivity and in the end lowers operating costs.

Our Custom Solution Process

Our Custom Solution Process You Require A Customized Lift To Meet Your Unique Needs Sales Team Works With You To Understand Your Company's Requirements Engineering Evaluates And Provides a Quote Order Received We Engineer And Design Your Lift Order Released To Production Customized Lift Tested And Evaluated Product Delivered to You

Meet Our Team

Todd E. Hunt President

Mr. Hunt is the owner and president of Lift-A-Loft Corporation. Mr. Hunt is a Certified Public Accountant with over 19 years of experience in the manufacturing industry. He is also the owner of Holt Products Company, a manufacturer of precision turned components. This combined experience means Mr. Hunt understands what it takes to run a successful manufacturing operation. He leads our 'Customers First' attitude that is the core building block of our company.

Jacquelyn S. Duggan Executive Vice President, CFO

Ms. Duggan is a licensed Certified Public Accountant and has over 37 years of experience working for manufacturing facilities throughout North America. She has both plant and corporate experience and is an expert at analytical review, tax and budgeting. Ms. Duggan's years as a top-level executive in manufacturing enable her to understand what it takes to successfully operate manufacturing companies.

James A. Lee Customer Service Manager

Mr. Lee has held multiple positions at Lift-A-Loft during his 22 years with the company. These positions include Production Manager, Parts Room Coordinator, Production Material Control, Shift Supervisor, Parts Manager, and Customer Service Manager. He is currently responsible for the aerial lift Customer Service Department and Quality Control Department for Lift-A-Loft Corporation. In this role, he is directly responsible for demonstrating the 'Customers First' attitude for all Lift-A-Loft aerial lift customers.

Tony Brosio Plant Operations Manager

Mr. Brosio has held multiple management positions of fabrication and production in his 14 years with the company before becoming Plant Operations Manager. He has been involved with various governmental and commercial contracts involving production, quality assurance and aerial lift inspections. He has a degree from Hobart School of Welding Technology where he excelled in the areas of structural welding analysis and blueprint reading. He is certified to AWS D1.1, AWS D1.2 and is an AWS Certified Weld Inspector. Mr. Brosio has been awarded the American Welding Society (AWS) Certified Weld Inspector of the Year for his section in 2006 and in his district in 2007.

Douglas A. Jeurissen Sales Manager AWP

Mr. Jeurissen has been with the company for more than 19 years and has held multiple positions within the Sales and Marketing departments. Currently responsible for generating and managing the activities of the company’s dealership network, he is also directly responsible for managing major account aerial lift sales. Mr. Jeurissen has developed and currently manages several national contracts and works diligently with these organizations to satisfy their diverse and challenging aerial lift requirements.

Christopher Barefoot Specialized Sales Manager

Mr. Barefoot has been with the company for more than 16 years and is currently responsible for three key areas of sales. He has held several positions in areas of production, management, customer service and sales. His current responsibilities include the supervision of Government Contracting, GSE Sales to the Airline industry and Truck Mounted lift sales. Mr. Barefoot understands the needs of these customer groups and how to deliver products they need.

Charles "Chip" Meyer Engineering Manager

A graduate of Purdue University with a BS in Engineering, Mr. Meyer is EIT certified in Machine Systems Engineering. He has been with the company 11 years and has extensive experience in projects requiring steel fabrication and forming as well as stress analysis. Chip has worked on hundreds of special projects at Lift-A-Loft and knows what it takes to deliver safe products that meet the requirements and specifications of customers for a wide variety of aerial lift applications.